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Empowering Investors with
Secure, High-Yield Opportunities

Bel Air Lending

Bel Air Lending is a private real estate investment fund that empowers investors with secure, high-yield opportunities backed by real estate.

Maximize returns while minimizing risk.

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Investing in Real Estate with Confidence

Why Choose Bel Air Lending?

Secure Investments

Your money never touches our hands. All funds are directly given or wired to our trust/closing attorney.

Expert Team

Collectively, our team boasts a wealth of expertise with over 180 years of combined experience spanning both real estate and legal domains.

Backed by Real Estate

We secure all our loans with a

first-position lien (Deed of Trust), Promissory Note, Personal Guarantees, and Builder's Risk insurance.

High-Yield Opportunities

We offer simple annualized interest rates of 10%, accruing until the property is sold or refinanced.

Minimized Risk

We pledge our personal and business assets to guarantee the performance

of our borrowers.

Smart Investing

North Carolina, particularly the Triangle region, consistently stands out as a premier real estate market within the United States, maintaining its top-ranking position.

“It is so nice to get our monthly statement from Bel Air Lending. We know our investments are always going up. When we get our statement from our financial advisor, we have to cross our fingers and hope that it is going up. Thanks!"

Cindy V.

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